About Us

UNDERCOVER Productions produces Commercials - Short Films - Conferences - Documentaries - Entertainment - Corporate as well as Instructional Media


Undercover Productions is a video production company for people who share a common vision.
The vision of a society where every single person whether a men or women, adult or elderly, rich or poor, strong or weak, have the right to live their life with dignity where they can grow their talents to the fullest!
In that society everyone participates equally and respect each other and live in a community of justice and love. They have the right to think and say what they want.
The people of Undercover Productions are a community that is committed to make this vision a reality with their special production skills.


At Undercover Productions our goal is to provide the most reliable media solutions, in order to assure that our clients are receiving the most appropriate blend of creativity and production acumen. We believe that with our creative talent, all the nurtured and encouraged results will have a better ideation, better execution and finally shaped in better media product. Our script writers, directors, editors, cinematographers and technical support team will invest all their ideas and creativity for our customers and what they’re looking for . At undercover productions we create, experiment and push the envelope of creativity while providing the client with the most developed ideas that express what the client need to the fullest . At Undercover Productions, its always the place for a reliable and a quality media product.